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Philipsburg Journal

Check out the fantastic journalism and news going on in Philipsburg! Just click on the week you want to read about!

Week of May 21st

5.20.22 Journal. There you go!

Week of May 14th

Paper's out! Sixteen pager, so we'll give yins a few extra days to read 'er

Week of May 7th

We hope this cheers you on a gloomy day!

Week of April 30th

Hullo, Moshannon Valley! Who thinks the snow is done?

Week of April 23rd

Pitkin's birthday edition!

Week of April 16th

Happy Easter, Everybunny!

Week of April 9th

Happy Sunday evening to you and yins! *Font is weird. Not our fault! Exactly....

Week of April 1st

Happy April 1st ;)

Week of March 25th

...except there appear to be no more extra newspapers left?! Here's your weekly news-non-paper 

Week of March 18th

Happy Saturday, Moshannon Valley! Enjoy the sunbeams while they last!

Week of March 11th

So much good news, it's worth reading twice!

Week of March 4th

Just in time for this week's paper, we have the "better late than never" edition of last week's paper! 

Week of February 25th

Happy Friday!

Week of February 18th

Calling all commuters! What does everyone think of the speed on Rte. 350? Ever had a near run-in between Philipsburg and the Snappy's intersection at Bald Eagle?

Week of February 11th

Who wants to see a campground at Cold Stream? Tell Tim Ryder at the Boro what you think!

Week of February 4th

Philipsburg Journal, Groundhog's Day Edition

Week of January 26th

The STOP-BEING-IN-SUCH-A-HURRY! Edition. Chaos and mayhem on our slick local roads this week. Slow down and be safe, yins.

Week of January 17th

For those of you who haven't received your Journal in the mail yet... here's our e-edition!

Week of January 6th

Lots of meetings this week, the life of a Native American who spent much of her life in Osceola Mills, stuff to do, places to eat, and Pitkin's timeless wisdom!

Week of December 31st

New Year's Eve Edition

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